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What Are Your Services About?
AllCare Mental Health Services LLC provides home and community-based services-adult mental health services to adults with serious/severe mental illness. The program provides an array of services to match each person’s needs. This helps the person to live and experience successful tenure in their chosen community. Our services are designed to support long-term recovery from mental illness.
Who Do You Serve?
Our services are available for adults aged 18 and over who have mental health disorders.
Why Are Home and Community Mental Health Services Important?
The services under this program help individuals with mental health disabilities learn various forms of daily living and adaptive and social skills that enable them to live independently and be functional members of the community.
What Is Mental Health Advocacy?
Mental health advocates are professionals who can help you understand your options and your rights. They can explain to their clients and family members the nature of their client’s condition and provide information to help them make informed decisions. They can also help you have access to resources you can benefit from.
Are Your Services Individualized?
Yes. Our clients have different needs and as professionals, we want to make sure that we cater to their holistic needs to promote proper management of their conditions.
Where Are Your Services Available?
Our services are available in the following counties in Texas:
Region 34 – Austin, Waller, Colorado, Fort Bend, Wharton, Matagorda
Region 21 – Harris
Region 3 – Travis 
Region 5 – Burnet, Williamson, Lee, Bastrop, Fayette, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Gonzales

Can the same agency provide both Recovery Management and service provider to the same client?
Are there special trainings for our staff members?
Yes. It is expected that our recovery managers have current trainings and culmination of education and experience before service provision.