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Advocating long-term recovery from mental illness

Recovery Managers assist individuals in gaining access to HCBS-AMH provider services. With their support, we can provide clients the types and levels of assistance they need to cater for their daily living and adaptive needs. With this service, our clients have personalized support plans since each client has unique needs. This is then used as a basis as we coordinate and monitor their care.

Our Approach

Our Recovery Managers recognize and address ambivalence and resistance.
We Work in the community as an integrated team to remove barriers to services.
We then emphasize client autonomy and development of skills.
We show respect for both the clients needs and other members responsible for programming.
We help the client explore resources and the client determine which ones they want to use.

Our HCBS-AMH Recovery Entity services include the following:

  • Person-Centered Recovery Planning
  • Development of Individual Recovery Plan (IRP)
  • Service coordination of HCBS-AMH services
  • Advocacy/Support
  • Assist with securing necessary resources
  • Crisis planning
  • Monitoring and ensuring services provision
  • Provide transitional services

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